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cook1936_small.gif - 29342 Bytes CATALOG SHARING

Share Watkins product catalogs with friends, family, and business associates. Carry them with you at all times, leave them in waiting areas of your doctor's or dentist's office, or wherever the opportunity presents itself.


Introduce customers to Watkins during one-to-one appointments, in the comfort of their own home.


Any gathering is an opportunity to talk Watkins. After a business seminar, sales conference, or scout pack meeting. Or invite several friends over to your home and make it a Watkins party - serve food prepared with Watkins gourmet food products.


Good Tastings is the new Watkins program for holding easy to duplicate sampling events. The program provides tremendous support for Associates who choose to work this program including Watkins products, training materials, event planners, recipes, and more.


Hold fundraisers for your favorite church group, school, or community organization. You work with the organization to determine what percentage of each sale will be donated.


Extend your Watkins network by mentioning Watkins products to all your relatives, friends, business associates, and acquaintances. Plant the "Watkins seed" - you'll be amazed at how many will contact you and place an order.

cook1936a.gif - 28162 Bytes MAIL ORDER/INTERNET MARKETING

You make the sale, and Watkins Incorporated does the rest of the work. Watkins will take your customer's order online or over the phone and ship it within two working days.

Associates can have their own Watkins web site so customers can shop online using your ID number. Watkins maintains the web site for a low monthly fee.

Put together a mailing list of friends, neighbors, acquaintances or anyone else whom you think would be interested in Watkins products, and mail them a Watkins product catalog with a brief introductory cover letter.


A good place to meet new contacts and extend your Watkins network is at fairs and trade shows centered around gourmet food, health/nutrition, personal care, and household products. Set up your Watkins booth at these events and bring plenty of Watkins product samples and catalogs with you.


Every fall at the start of the holiday season, Watkins opens its Seasonal Gift Shop stocked with specialty items just for "the season of giving."

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