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How to Become an Associate
Watkins offers all the high-tech support of a large company with multi-million dollar communications, manufacturing, and distribution systems to work for you - so you can devote your time and energy to growing your home business.

To become a Watkins Associate, you simply need to order your Watkins Membership Package for $39.95, and mail in your International Marketing Agreement.

When completing your agreement, please list Jacquelyn Cooper (ID #099046N) as your "Sponsor."

US Watkins International Agreeement

Canadian Watkins International Agreeement


Within the first 90 days of membership, you will also have the option of purchasing special assortments available only to new associates.

Gift Certificate Upgrade ($129.00 US / $159.00 CAN) is designed to introduce you to Watkins extensive product line and is an excellent value for your money. This Assortment includes a $200.00 US / $250.00 CAD Gift Certificate which can be redeemed for your favorite Watkins products.

Living Naturally™ Upgrade ($69.95 US / $81.95 CAN) is aimed at those Associates who would like to concentrate on marketing Watkins products through parties and special events. It includes a $50.00 US / $60 CAD Gift Certificate, as well as special "Living Naturally" materials and product samples.

"Watkinize Your Home" Upgrade ($349.00 US / $449.00 CAN) is Watkins most comprehensive assortment and offers the greatest value (it's valued at $625.28 US / $789.38 CAD!).  It is designed to help get your business off to a fast start. This assortment includes over 50 full-size products, as well as the e-Associate Website and three free months of web maintenance (after three months, there is a monthly maintenance/web hosting fee of US $19.95 / CAN $29.95).

To view additional information on the Assortments go to:

You can be a part of Watkins e-Associate program, and experience the benefits and ease of this incredible business-building tool. You get your own dot.com business that includes a customized Web site that will allow you to quickly and easily place your Watkins business, including your own stories, on the Internet. You will also receive your own watkinsonline.com e-mail address. In addition, you and your customers can order products online direct to Watkins order department, as well as access your account information, including management reports and real-time volume queries.

After you become a Watkins Associate, you can choose to sign up for a web site at anytime. If the e-Associate program isn't right for you at this time in your business-building career, you can still order online and have access to your account information, but you do not get your own web site.

No matter what you choose, your customers can always order online by simply putting in your ID number or their customer ID number. Watkins even helps customers find the correct ID number if they have forgotten their numbers, so that you will be credited for their sales.

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Watkins Independent Associate #099046N
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E-mail:  Jacquelyn Cooper

The statements made and opinions expressed on this web site are those of the Watkins Independent Associate who is the publisher of this document, and are not to be construed as the statements or opinions of Watkins Incorporated. Sponsoring or selling of Watkins products outside the United States or Canada is strictly prohibited.